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If you believe in the importance of improving our girl’s behaviors, order a copy of The Young Lady: A Foundational Book For Diamonds Still in the Rough for the young ladies in your life.  

The book is currently available in PDF and on Kindle, on this website and the paperback version is available on Amazon. 

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Who We Are

At the Elis Clain Group (ECG), we offer educational consultation services and several online courses which students can take at their own pace. Our courses are complete with supplemental E-books to ensure students are learning the valuable learning targets being offered.  Many of our e-books and courses are African/Black-centered to combat the war against critical race theory (CRT). Unfortunately, Black history in America and throughout the West is shrouded in controversy and unresolved traumas. Fortunately, tomorrow's students are empathetic to the truth and universal healing. Students of all races will benefit from learning from these engaging – no holds barred – sources of knowledge. 


We are currently offering two pre-recorded courses:

  1. The Career Writing Experience: This self-paced course will help students reflect on own their own self-interests and true passions while planning out their futures. One of the the goals of this course is to help students recognize the negative influences in their lives which block them from their forward progress.  Students will complete The Career Writing Journal and walk away with the steps needed to begin building their resumes.

  2. The Young Lady: This self-paced course is for young urban ladies who may benefit from feminine mentoring and reminders of what proper etiquette looks like in social situations. This course takes a traditional viewpoint to balance the fast-paced and unproven methods of today's liberalism that redefines common knowledge. Students will comb The Young Lady text and critically think about how these time-tested measures can help them in today's social climate.


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