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The Black History Month Calendar

Students are encouraged to complete the

Black History Month (BHM) activities on this calendar!

Instructions: Read the questions before beginning the task. Some materials can be accessed in the Black History Month folder. Although the calendar was made in 2023, the content is timeless. 

Access the calendar here!

Access the ECG aligned activities here!

This effort to generally tell the story of Black History extends well beyond what is usually thought about during Black History Month (BHM) (e.g., MLKJ., Rosa Parks, the Civil Rights Movement, etc.). The ride begins with human evolution and African civilizations and discusses the destruction of African civilization, slavery in the Americas, and the effects of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade today. 


This calendar is aligned with the Elis Clain Group’s Black History Month learning series. Starting with Activity #1: The Original People, the 20-Activity series contains an activity for each school day of the month of February (particularly 2023). The first activity is FREE in the ECG shop but each subsequent activity will be offered at a discount for BHM. Each activity will be uploaded throughout the month of February and parents and students are encouraged to come back each day for the latest activity. 


Real African/Black history is shrouded in controversy due to the modern experience of the African in the Western world (Western meaning, Western European, popular, mainstream, etc.). In order to get the true facts about African history, one must seek the primary sources that existed before modern racism, however, racism reaches as far back as nation building. All races have experienced some form of racism, discrimination, and slavery during their existence. The African slave trade experience is the one most prevalent in today’s Western world. False history about the Africans was used to justify slavery and discrimination and that is why the only African history taught in Western schools today is about slavery and struggle.


Enjoy this widely unaccepted perspective of Black history! 

Download our free calendar template today!

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