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Greetings and welcome to the Elis Clain Group's temporary website.  We are still building our permanent website but it may take some time. 

About The Elis Clain Group

The Elis Clain Group was first established in Washington, D. C. as an Ed-Media production company by Howard University Graduates. However, the company was deactivated as operations were moved elsewhere.  Today, the Elis Clain group has rebranded as an education company which provides Afro-centric educational materials and education consultation services. 


As consultants, the ECG helps educational institutions design programs which enrich the lives and academic performance of African American students. This in turn enriches the entire academic environment due to allowing all students to participate fully. 


Our ideal customers are educational institutions and parents of African American teens and tweens. Our goal is to bridge the confidence gap between black students and their non-black counterparts. We aim to do this through a holistic approach which infuses traditional values (e.g., spiritual and historical knowledge of self, morality instruction, nation building principals, and financial literacy) into their everyday thought processes and actions.  

Our ideal partners are committed to the physical, emotional and mental wellbeing of African American students.

Our customers are not those who only want to be friends with our charges, but healthy parents, role models, and visionaries of our ideal future. 





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